Bring Your Own Device

You may have heard of the phrase BYOD in the community. This refers to the concept that students can bring their own device from home to enhance thier learning. If you are comfortable, students can bring Smartphones, laptops, netbooks and tablets. They can easily get onto our guest wireless, but there is sometimes a glitch. Have your child come by my office for assistance.


Students that are members of my math groups are members of Sumdog. This is a great website that helps students to practice their math skills. Earlier in the year I sent home a notice with thier login and password on it. Check out the website! It’s fun learning math this way!


Spelling City

Students that are involved in my language groups have individual sets of words that they are working on.  Playing games on Spelling City with these games will help them to recognize and understand their words.  Click on the link below to go to our group of lists, then click on the student’s individual list for home practice!

What is your favourite game? Leave a comment.

Spelling City Lists